What Makes Our Wickees so Wicked?

Wicked Wickees is a family run, woman owned business, headquartered in Oceanside, CA. We source design, print, and manufacture our premium headbands and accessories with pride, and have tons of fun doing it!

Our Fabrics are the Highest of Quality, Moisture Wicking Performance Fabrics.
Our Dying Process is Extremely Eco-Friendly
Our Designs are Super Cool, and Come From Artists All Over The World


Our top quality performance fabrics wick perspiration away from the body and dry quickly. They keep you cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold.
Since it is lighter and drier, you are just  more comfortable !
Performance fabrics also have anti-microbial properties that inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
Cotton garments are made of natural fibers that quickly absorb and hold moisture.During hot weather, cotton absorbs the sweat, becomes saturated, and dries very slowly.
When cotton fabric reaches this point it does not breath and becomes very heavy. 


      Dye sublimation is extremely “environmentally friendly” as compared to traditional dying methods, which use mass amounts of water and chemicals.
The Dye Sublimation process involves turning a solid into a gas and then again a solid, the resulting dyed fabrics are completely safe to touch and handle. There is no water required in the process, resulting in almost zero waste. Paper as a required part of the process,is made predominately from farm grown trees planted for the sole purpose of making paper and all waste can be recycled.Most of the Performance Fabrics made today are manufactured from a combination of “post consumer and industrial” recycled products further helping the efforts to protect our environment
No toxins are used in Dye Sublimation thus protecting both workers and the environment.


We purchase all of our designs from independent designers and
creators around the world enabling them to earn and income, and spend more time doing what they love!
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